Important Announcement !

Hello members,

Executive Committee of the JHC Association Canada – Special Meeting was held on the 31st of October via ZOOM

In the previous EC meeting (October 10, 2021), almost all of the present EC members agreed that convening an AGM would be a better option than convening a SGM (Special General Meeting), as was demanded by the Patrons in order to satisfy some dissatisfied members’ demands. 
The EC discussed the current situation in detail and the outcome of the discussions that occurred during the meeting are presented below. 
The current EC committee could not function like other previous EC committees due to the restrictions that were in place for public gatherings, by the provincial government, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The committee was not given the opportunity to host regular programs (Annual Dinner, Kalaiarasi, Sports and Picnic Day, and Tamil Student Examination) for the members and their families.

However, even under these circumstances, the committee, under the Leadership of President Raveendran, raised $32,217 in addition to the $10,000 from membership funds. This accumulated a total of $42,217 that was sent to JHC (Jaffna) to fund their Smartboard Project and COVID Relief Project as requested by the current principal. A small portion of the fund was also used to help the Jaffna Hospital buy equipment when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak in the Jaffna Peninsula.

No other committee in the recent past has fundraised for specific purposes that directly benefited JHC. Many executive committee members are willing to continue for another year, under the current set-up, to properly fulfill their original mandate, which was curtailed and restricted by the COVID pandemic.

The following possible causes of action were suggested by the committee members and can be taken in light of the current situation, with respect to the COVID-19 provincial requirements for indoor gatherings. 

 An “in-person election” can be held in a private hall in December 2021. Based on our current membership numbers, the hall should be able to accommodate all our members, with respect to the social distancing requirements. The cost would vary between $4000 to $4500 for 6 hours, including light refreshments. A private hall would be preferable as opposed to the facilities managed by the city governments, in which provincial requirements will be strictly applied. These applied safety measures, such as screening for COVID-19 vaccination and gathering information for potential contact tracings, will incur additional costs. Members who are not vaccinated may not be able to cast their votes. This is one of the disadvantages that would need to be resolved.

 An online election can be conducted by an accredited professional independent polling company. A “ZOOM” meeting after the election would be held to release the results. It would cost around $1700.

 The current committee can continue for another year with the JHCAC members’ majority consent via this email (like last year), and a “zoom meeting” would be held to hear and address the concerns of disgruntled members.
 Most volunteer associations in the province are extending the duration of their executive committees, considering the risks associated with in-person gatherings. Some of them have opted to adopt an electronic voting system to select their new executive committees. Recently, the Jaffna Hindu Ladies College Old Girls’ Association has extended the duration of the current committee for another year.     This option would cost around $200, which would be allocated to “ZOOM” only to hold a meeting.

Please indicate your preference from one of the options above and reply to all three email addresses,, no later than the 5th of December 2021.

Thank You,
Kanesh Kaneshapillai Interim Secretary( Interim.Secretary@JaffnaHinduCanada.Com)

Hello members,
The election process voting concluded on the 5th of December (Sunday) at midnight.

Total number of votes cast     = 228
Option—1                               =    95

Option—2                                =   05

Option—3                                = 128 (current Executive Committee for next year without election)
These totals can be verified by Patrons at any time by prior arrangements.

Kanesh Kaneshapillai,
Interim Secretary