JHCA Canada Sports/Picnic day 2019

Jaffna Hindu College Association Canada

 Sports and Annual Get-together – 2019

Our Annual Picnic and Sports Day 2019 will be hosted on Monday, July 01, 2019 at 11.00 am at Sunnybrook Park located at 1132 Leslie Street, Toronto (Eglinton Ave. E. and Leslie St.).  Our sports subcommittee has been working for the past few weeks to make it a memorable day for our old students and their families, as well as their friends. We will host an exciting event with a BBQ, a mixture of games, and a cricket match with our friends from Hartley College, just as we had in previous years. We are also organizing soccer games for young boys and girls. To facilitate these games, we request all whose children will be participating to contact

Vilosan 416.993.0826               Shanthypoosan 416.407.9559

Kanagavaratha 416.725.2041